Drug Supply Distribution

Drug Supply Distribution

Dispensing System

LTC SCRIPTS generally utilizes the Cycle Fill Exchange System in dispensing medications. Other types of dispensing systems may be available to meet the individual needs of our customers.

Medication Carts

Emergency Medication Kits

Back-up Supplies

Stock Medications

LTC SCRIPTS understands that each facility is unique. It is therefore our objective to provide Medication Carts, Emergency Medication Kits, Back-up Medications & Supplies and Stock Medications – all customized to meet the needs of each facility.

Distribution/Delivery and Transportation

In the changing world of Long-Term Care, we understand that the prompt delivery of medications is imperative in the delivery of quality care and has a huge impact in Customer Satisfaction. We therefore work with every facility in developing programs to ensure the consistent and timely delivery and availability of medications.

We customize daily delivery schedules according to the needs of each facility. Emergency Drug Delivery is available 24Hours a day, 7 days a week.

LTC SCRIPTS has a reliable and time-tested courier service that assists us in achieving this goal. To promote consistency and accountability, the same courier service staff is assigned to each facility. They are all trained and evaluated by LTC SCRIPTS to ensure that they meet the professional standards that LTC SCRIPTS has set for its own employees.