About Us

What We are All About

Although professionalism and competence come to mind first, it is really all about communication that makes the difference between just being a provider and making it an alliance that works for both of us. The old saying goes “people like doing business with people they like” and we really like working with our group of facilities.

Our professional interests get their roots in cost containment, regulatory compliance and prescription medication monitoring. We achieve this through a solid foundation in your formulary management, contact with your facility and referral physicians, and communication with your nursing staff. If it requires specialty packaging, high tech solutions or a conference at your facility, we stand ready.

We know that each account prefers to deal with a limited number of personnel at the pharmacy. We will assign a specific technician and pharmacist to your account to make the communication lines even more solidified than normal. Easy phone calls, and even more easy solutions.

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We also offer a FREE audit of your current pharmacy invoices and charges to verify your facility is being accurately billed. NO charge for our financial experts to review the numbers!